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Menard's Will Build Distribution Site in Southeast Missouri

Menard's, the Wisconsin-based hardware and home improvement chain, announced today that it would build a 185,000-square-foot manufacturing and distribution facility in Sullivan, Mo., about an hour southwest of St. Louis.…

DFA Starts Work on New Headquarters

Dairy Farmers of America, the Kansas City region's largest private company as measured by annual revenues, marked the start of construction on its new Wyandotte…

50 Largest Law Firms

From full-service heavyweights who rank among the nation's largest law firms to bantamweights slugging it out in various legal specialties, the Kansas City region boasts…

20 in Their Twenties

The seeds of entrepreneurship in the Kansas City region have been planted early, as this years class of 20 in Their Twenties demonstrates. These young…

Going Up . . .

With the EPA’s regulatory bomb on U.S. utilities that rely on coal to generate electricity, the cost of doing business here is headed up. Congressional…

The Best Defense . . .

Is indeed a good offense, especially when it comes to data security. It’s a lesson that some larger law firm executives have already mastered. But…

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Boy, does it feel good to say that. We’ve invested a lot of time, energy and talent to put together…

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