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  • Recent News

    Made in the Midwest

    Missouri and Kansas are right in the thick of a resurgence in American manufacturing. “We don’t make anything anymore.” That lament of the industrially illiterate still gets way too much ink and airtime in a 24/7 world of business misinformation. The truth is, manufacturing output in the U.S. is up 21 percent since hitting a recessionary trough in 2009. That…

  • Recent News

    All in the Family

    The role of family business in America’s economy may be changing, but the foundation is solid Walmart started as a family business. Still is, if you think about it in terms of stock shares controlled by the Walton family (roughly 50 percent). Other family businesses  include national names like Mars, Inc., and Bechtel, and local companies with revenues in the…

  • Recent News

    Replacing the Big Dog

    In some ways, it is the typical small-business succession story: After a decade of building a start-up with a relative handful of employees into a leader in its field with more than 150 on the payroll, the chief executive is ready to turn the reins over to the next generation of leadership. So he does his diligence, brings on board…

  • Recent News

    Icons of Education 2015

    “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” —William A. Ward The late Mr. Ward, a longtime administrator at a small private college in Texas, was onto something. Inspiration, however, is rarely invoked in the heated and litigious battles over K-12 funding formulas, or during legislative discussions about per-student spending on state…

  • Recent News

    Life Sciences: From Research to Profits

    By Dennis Boone Making its rounds through area research circles, it was a story that reflected the intellectual curiosity of local entrepreneurs, the vision of innovators, and the aspirations of bioscience executives hoping to make this a more robust center for research and commercialization: UMKC’s Reza Derakhshani, a professor in the computing and engineering department, had co-developed a new eye-vein…

  • Recent News

    Legal Industry Outlook

    The Legal Perspective on Regional Job Growth Those who might want a panoramic view of the next Plaza lighting ceremony would do well to cozy up to the attorneys at Husch Blackwell, the hosts of this year’s Legal Industry Outlook assembly. The west-looking view from the 10th-floor of the firm’s Plaza office seemed like an appropriate place to discuss this…

  • Recent News

    Building a Brand

    Any branding or marketing professionals worth their salt can tell you what defines the value of an organization’s brand, and how public perception of it entails more than what one discerns beyond the optics of a logo, a television commercial or an Internet video. So yes, product quality is an element of what defines a brand. Customer service, another. Visibility,…

  • Recent News

    Milestones Corporate Anniversaries

    A milestone often brings about reflection for companies, just as with people: A chance to think about how the company came to be, where it has overcome adversity and where it is headed before reaching the next marker. Companies celebrating milestones in 2015 include some strong pillars in the stonework that makes up the greater Kansas City business community. Taken…

Hollywood Casino Hotel Project Delayed

   Construction of the 248-room Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway, which had been scheduled  to begin this week, has been delayed indefinitely, Wyandotte County's Unified Government…

KCU Adding Campus in Joplin

The Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences’ College of Osteopathic Medicine announced today that it had received approval from the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation to…

Six Questions Every Business Owner Must Answer

As long as businesses are managed and owned by humans, business succession will happen. Will it happen in an orderly fashion, according to a thoughtful…

HNTB's Feuerborn Will Lead KC Office

HNTB Corp. announced this morning that Wayne Feuerborn, an associate vice president, has been named Kansas City office leader for the firm, succeeding Mike Hess, who had been promoted to…

Lidia's Celebrates the Old with the New

Lidia's-KC celebrated 16 years in the Historic Crossroads District with a new addition to it's Kansas City location, named the Terrazza, Tuesday night with host Tanya Bastianich Manuali,…

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As I See It

Missouri, Kansas Cited for Barriers to Entry Among Low-Income Entrepreneurs

Kansas City may want to think of itself as the Entrepreneurial Capital of America, but if it is, it's an…

Something to Ponder Over Their Dom Perignon

Much hoo-hahing and tut-tut-ing will doubtless ensue over release of a report by Oxfam International today in conjunction with the…

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