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  • Recent News

    Local Heroes

    What makes us give? In a world where Darwinian theory tells us that only the strong survive, what compels humans to be their brother’s keeper, even if the amounts they have to give may pale in comparison to large donations by philanthropic corporations? As this year’s Local Heroes show us, the call to serve comes from a wide range of…

  • Recent News

    Leading the Way in Corporate Philanthropy

    For the better part of a decade, Ingram’s has profiled companies from throughout the Kansas City region that are going above and beyond in efforts to return a portion of the bounty they’ve earned doing business here. It’s not a legal imperative—there is no law compelling them to set aside a tithing level of pre-tax income for charities. Rather, the…

  • Recent News

    Area Non-Profits Working in a Whole New Environment

    It is a time of profound change and challenge in the non-profit world: Salvation Army kettles increasingly are unmanned, charity runs and walks are seeing a broad decline in participants who show up in fund-raising capacities, demand on food pantries and health-care-related organizations is at near-record levels. And yet, executives from a dozen key non-profits say, the Kansas City marketplace—its…

  • Recent News

    Gifts That Keep On Giving

    He just might be the perfect face of philanthropy in Kansas City—after all, Robert A. Long was born in December 1850, just six months after Kansas City came to be. His lumber concerns helped build a fledgling city, and by the time he died in 1934, he had built a legacy of giving that includes not just his former home,…

  • Recent News

    The Best Years of Our Lives?

    It’s almost unfair, really: You spend decades working your way into a leadership position at a large corporation, or equal amounts of time building a business from start-up to a thriving, sustainable enterprise. Then, just as you near the border of the Promised Land, it all catches up with you: the long days, the late nights, the lousy diet, the…

  • Recent News

    Around the region

    DECEMBER THROUGH DEC. 24“The Nutcracker”If you grew up mesmerized by the late Todd Bolender’s interpretation of “The Nutcracker,” this will be your last Christmas season to catch a Kansas City holiday tradition. The show’s 33-year run comes to a close after this year, giving way to an updated production by the Kansas City Ballet’s artistic director, Devon Carney, in 2015.…

National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial Receives Designation from Congress

Following legislation passed in the United States House of Representatives in May, the United States Senate passed a bill as part of the National Defense…

Car fire in Downtown near Blue Cross Blue Shield

A single car caught fire Friday afternoon on O.K. Street, located near the parking garage of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City. No injuries…

What Really Sets Kansas City Apart

Each December for 18 years, Ingram’s has dedicated its December edition to the subject of philanthropy and the good works of many amazing corporate citizens…

A Productive Workforce

When it comes to a regional work force, how does one measure competitiveness? One way is to assess where your strengths are as a community.…

A City on the Move

Things are happening in Downtown Kansas City, and on multiple fronts. Since the renaissance of the area began to hit its stride a decade ago,…

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As I See It

Inside the Kansas Election Numbers

A few observations from Tuesday's congressional and gubernatorial races in Kansas, which drew so much national media and pundit attention, based on the potential…

Lockton Issues Employer Alert Over EEOC Action on Wellness Programs

Here's a corporate twist on the No Good Deed Goes Unpunished axiom: Lockton Companies has just issued an advisory regarding lawsuits filed by the…

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